Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome, little Beckham, to the family!

My SIL gave birth to their second child, a son which they have named Beckham Pierce Patterson, this morning at 5:23. Welcome to the family, little guy. I wish I could be there to meet him but with our own new little guy, traveling isn't in the books at this time.

It was funny... When Mom told me the name they'd selected for the baby, I commented, "Pierce. Good name." Mom knew where my mind was and informed me that they named Beckham's middle name Pierce after someone on my SILs side of the family and NOT after Remington Steele/James Bond (aka Pierce Brosnan) who I have always thought is just hot, hot, hot. hee hee....

Anyway, I digress... We are very excited about the newest addition to the Patterson clan and everyone in this household can't wait to meet our newest nephew/cousin.

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