Thursday, November 5, 2009

A SPOOKtacular Halloween

With hubby's folks here to watch the baby, we took the older kids out for trick-or-treating this year and what fun they had! To start off the evening, my DH took the kids to a nearby church for a "trunk or treat". THAT was, I think, the highlight of the kids' evening. We finished off the night walking around visiting houses.

Ryan was Spiderman, unmasked (he decided he didn't want to wear the mask). Hadley was a fairy princess. Ryan told her she looked like a Fairy Godmother. In any case, both kids were all dressed up for Halloween, had a fun time trick or treating, and got lots of candy which Ray and I sorted through for the kinds we liked, I mean, potentially dangerous candy, first. HA HA...

It was a perfect Halloween holiday, despite the fact that it took a bit to wash the white spray out of Hadley's hair and there was glitter everywhere for a few days.

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