Monday, June 1, 2009

A Bee in My Bonnet

This past Friday morning I gave the main, and right now with the remodel going on for the master bath/bedroom our only, bathroom a good spring scrubbing - from ceiling to baseboard... Despite smelling clean I still wasn't happy. Those dingy yellow-tan walls and trim were bringing me down. So I decided to take this whole pregnancy nesting thing to an extreme. I told my sweet, loving, supportive husband that I thought it might be a good idea to paint the bathroom...spruce it up a bit.

Now mind you, we weren't going to do anything to this bathroom until we remodeled it.

However, as it is last on the to-do list, I had to do something to tide me over.

If you listen to my husband's version of the story it goes something like, "She was telling me about thinking about painting the bathroom and in less than five minutes she's in there with a paintbrush in her hand!"

Okay, so I wasted no time. New electrical switches & outlet, new cabinet hardware and a new light fixture really helped the newly painted bathroom to "pop". All the same artwork and such returned but the room is much cleaner and brighter now. The dresser that appears in the photos is a "temporary" thing. It will go away once the master bed/bath/closet are done and will be replaced with some type of multi-bin hamper. Yes I have delusions of the kids actually putting their dirty clothes not only into a hamper but into the "appropriate" hamper.

The accent wall color was selected to tie in the blue color in the old countertop that we aren't ready to change out right now. It helps, in our opinion, the countertop not look as dingy as it really least on the side where the blue is next to it.

Anyway...the bathroom is done and I just wanted to share. Unfortunately, I know it won't stay spic-n-span long. Not with being the only working bath right now and being bathroom to two toddlers who get filthy just looking at dirt.

NOTE: Each "before" photo is followed by an "after" ofthe same best I could get.


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