Monday, August 4, 2008

Living the Single Life

...for the week. DH took the children up north to spend the week with Nanny & Granddad. I wanted to go as well but had to stay and work. Bummer, I know. Not to fear however, as I've got a "to-do" list of projects a mile long and know that, even with all this "free" time, I'll still not get them all done.

The first night they were gone was Friday night. Hubby called me about 8:30 so I could tell the kiddos goodnight "before [I] hit the town". Pathetically, I was already in my jammies and watching really bad 80s movies on the tube. That little fact gave my DH quite a chuckle. Both Saturday and Sunday nights were pretty much the same. No wild woman least not out and about wild. As for what I've been up to here around the house...keep watch in future posts!

I do miss my babies, but knowing they are having LOTS of fun with Nanny & Granddad makes it all better. They are going to VBS there in Groom this week and my DH is helping my dad with some "requires help" projects at the building he's renovating downtown.

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