Friday, January 4, 2008

Just in the Nick of Time

Finished, just in time for Christmas, the baby "Converse" booties and balaclava mentioned in the previous post! Both projects were full of "firsts" for me on the knitting front but I'm beyond tickled at how they turned out.

We had an excellent visit with my folks. My brother and sister-in-law were there through Christmas as well so we had MUCH fun playing family games, visiting and, of course, eating way too much of Mom's good cookin'. As an extra Christmas present, we got to leave the kiddos with Nanny & Granddad for a few extra days! 2008 is now here and we are neck deep in a ton of new projects to get the new year started including doing a mini makeover on the second bath that wasn't functional and was a nasty black hole and also refinishing a dresser.

Sewing projects and more knitting are soon to begin as well...just after this weekend which is DS's 2nd bday/party.

Happy New Year!


Sharly said...

I want a pair of those "booties" - Ladies, size 7, please! You did an excellent job!

travelingzan said...

The baby converse are great! Definitely the cutest pattern I've seen for baby sneakers. Where did you get the pattern? I've been looking for a pattern exactly like yours, but haven't found one yet.