Monday, January 21, 2008

A "Hoppy" Birthday

I still can't believe it. My baby is now 2 years old! We hopped into the new year with a birthday party celebrating my son's 2nd bday. We did a frog theme this year (since we did an animal theme for his sister's 2nd bday as well... she was monkeys) complete with a fly on the frog's tongue...we didn't want anyone going hungry... HA! I was tempted to make a red velvet cake for the base but decided that might be a little gross for everyone so chocolate it was. Fearing that the cake alone might not be enough, I made "lily pad" cupcakes to go along with the frog. Yummy ice cream, blue "pond water" punch, and family and friends completed the perfect day.

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jeanius said...

what a cute idea! I did rubber duckies for kennas 1st... i might have to 'borrow' your idea for her second. The Lily pad cc are adorable too