Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One-Eyed Monster & Most Expensive "Green Bag"

So my one-eyed monster knit up pretty quickly. I LOVE him! I've been wanting to knit him up for some time now. Making a toy for the baby seemed like a good excuse to create this fun little critter. Maybe when the baby doesn't want to play with him anymore, he can cheer me up at the office.

On the complete opposite end of "quick knits" is what my DH calls the "most expensive green bag in the world". I very much enjoy using my green bag as it holds SO much stuff. Wait. See? I can put even MORE in it! As great a bag as it is, however, I don't see my knitting up another one anytime soon. I lost count of how many shopping bags I used to make the thing and knitting with plastic bags is hard on the hands. All that said, this little gem took me forever to finish. (Okay, so I have some WIPs that have been on the needles even longer, but still...) Hubby lost track of how many hours I spent knitting my "green bag" hence his comment about its "real cost". You'd be amazed at how many goodies I can cram in this thing though!

(pix coming)

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